Inside Corporate Recruiting Practices

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to share my worldview a little with JibberJobber Ask The Expert (ATE) listeners. Jason Alba and I had a detailed discussion you can listen to below:

Some things I realized:
– Talking to a recruiter should not be scary.
– That proverbial “resume black hole”? Yeah. It’s me. A well-meaning but overly busy recruiter who can’t possibly read all the email and submissions than come in.
– I really, really care about people and jobs. I may or may not have become suddenly and unexpectedly emotional at the end of the call. Wow. Surprising to say the least, but it’s WHY I do this job.

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Robert Merrill

Senior Technical Recruiter
I am a Husband, Dad, Recruitinator, Geek. Mormon. Smart-Alec. . Professionally, I am the Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at", the world's largest online family history resource. Check out our jobs! Since 2001, I have helped connect companies and talented professionals with a particular style of recruiting, interviewing, onboarding and retention that helps companies change their recruiting processes and capabilities forever. I believe that even small companies can do fantastic recruiting with the right tools and mindset.

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