I’m Proud To Be American (But Not Arrogant About It)


In America, we’re celebrating our Day of Independence (July 4th) remembering our Declaration of Independence from Britain in 1776. Its a day of patriotism, remembering fallen heroes domestically and overseas, and a day to pause and be grateful for our blessings as a great country–and I believe America is a GREAT country.

A few years ago, when speaking to several hundred middle school students, I told them three key things I wanted them to take away:

  1. The United States has the strongest economy in the world.
  2. GOOD OLD HARD WORK, Education and Entrepreneurship are the keys to staying ahead of the regular downturns in the economy.
  3. You won the Lottery–You’re in the United States! Whatever you had to do to get here, you’re LUCKY! You’re in the country with the most opportunity, the most freedom to choose and the most powerful infrastructure to find good, meaningful work anywhere in the world!

The thing I don’t want them to do is be arrogant about it!

As a recruiter, I see people over and over again coming to me expecting me to provide them something–as if the world owes them a paycheck!

In 2001, I was laid off and broke at the age of 25 with a small family and no future except I lived in AMERICA!

  • As chance would have it, I met people who knew life could be better than what I had.
  • They knew people like Jim Rohn and were willing to introduce me (and help me become a person who could appreciate the things life can offer).
  • I took advantage of the strongest economy in the world — the AMERICAN economy and changed my life forever.

Now, 13 years later, every single piece of my life is different… but I know it’s because, first, I live in America, I took hold of an opportunity and I worked hard… I changed.

And you can too… whatever your situation is, if you are lucky enough to be in AMERICA, you can have anything you really want (more than all other distractions).

And, like Jim Rohn, I invite you to come on that journey.  It’s a wonderful and fascinating one!

My wife and I with Jim Rohn, 2004
My wife and I with Jim Rohn, 2004
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Robert Merrill

Senior Technical Recruiter
I am a Husband, Dad, Recruitinator, Geek. Mormon. Smart-Alec. . Professionally, I am the Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Ancestry.com", the world's largest online family history resource. Check out our jobs! Since 2001, I have helped connect companies and talented professionals with a particular style of recruiting, interviewing, onboarding and retention that helps companies change their recruiting processes and capabilities forever. I believe that even small companies can do fantastic recruiting with the right tools and mindset.

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